Company profile

Company profile
Head Office in Gifu

Head Office in Gifu
Kani Factory

Kani Factory 
Revised in 2016

Revised in 2016

Corporate Name Sannosuke Kobayashi Co., Ltd.
Description of Business 1. Manufacturing, selling, and importing of various kinds of railroad ties 
2.Manufacturing, selling, and importing of general logs, chips, various kinds of lumber products, and newly developed construction materials. 
3. Auction business of various kinds of logs and lumber products   
4. Logging, tree planting, forest improvement and contracting of its work, and mediating purchase and sale of mountain forests
5. Construction work, and designing, executing, and contracting of civil engineering work
6. Interior finish work business
7. Construction work business of landscape gardening
8. Industrial waste disposal business 
9. The total business incidental to the above-mentioned businesses
Company Address

Head Office
4-24 Kanou tenjin-machi, Gifu city, Gifu prefecture 500-8648 Japan
Phone +81-58-271-0456 (Main number)   FAX +81-58-271-0297

Factory Kani Factory
Tuchida, Kani city, Gifu prefecture (With Facilities for drying wood)
Phone +81-574-29-2138 FAX.+81-574-27-1710
Iwate Factory
Moichi, Miyako city, Iwate prefecture 
Phone +81-193-72-2502 FAX +81-193-72-3439
Business Office Kakamigahara Office
Suei-cho, Kakamigahara city, Gifu prefecture   
Phone +81-58-384-8223 (Deciduous broad-leaved log market) FAX +81-58-384-9246
Tokyo Office
Sendagi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 
Phone +81-3-5834-2206 FAX +81-3-3821-3358
Branch Office Kani branch, Kakamigahara branch, Shiratori branch, Ibigun branch, Mugi branch, Tokyo branch
Start of Business April 1, 1907 
Stated Capital 30 million yen
Director Board chairperson  Yuzo Kobayashi
Number of employees 100 employees
Number of approvals for business Permission of Construction Industry (General) No.15579 by Gifu prefecture 
(Including interior finish work business, construction work business of landscape gardening, and civil engineering work business)
Permission of Industrial Waste Disposal Operators (Intermediate process of wood waste) No.2121063081
Permission of General Waste Disposal Operators in Kani city 

How to find us (It is a five-minute walk from JR Gifu station.)